Who we are

Movitas is now Allin Interactive Latin America! More information here

Movitas is a mobile technology company that delivers branded hotel and destination marketing solutions. Designed to operate in high-volume tourist destinations, Movitas publishes traveler and guest-centric mobile apps, optimized for use on hotel Wi-Fi networks. These apps help brands connect travelers to friends, family, and businesses by providing a local social network and a unique mobile calling system, allowing travelers to interact and place calls without incurring roaming charges. This is combined with a local advertising engine that puts hotels in the position to deliver guest resources like destination information, local business listings, and hotel and destination offers.

How to reach us


General inquiries: info@movitas.com
Support: support@movitas.com


36 Waterloo Avenue
Berwyn, PA 19312


Availability: Monday-Friday 9-5pm EST
General: 888-343-3721 ext. 0 
Support: 888-343-3721 ext. 1
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